Biofilters are used for purification of wastewater with biological filters filled with naturally occurring microorganisms.

Wastewater is pre-treated in precipitation tanks and then pumped to biofilters. In biofilters, wastewater is thoroughly treated in biological filters, which are filled with biofilter materials of naturally occurring microorganisms.

Wastewater can be led to streams, ditches, drainages, etc.

Tunetanken biofilters meet the requirement of SO purification class (increased requirement for reduction of organic material) and O purification class (reduction of organic material). In addition of phosphorous removal to the system, it will meet the requirement of SOP purification class (increased requirement for reduction of organic material as well as nitrification and reduction of phosphorous) and OP purification class (reduction of organic material and reduction of phosphorous).


ТипPurification classМатериал
5 PE GVSOComposite
10 PE GVSOComposite
15 PE GVSOComposite
20 PE GVSOComposite
25 PE GVSOComposite
30 PE GVSOComposite

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