Flygt SXM bilge pumps

Flygt SXM bilge pumps made of stainless steel are suitable to use for clean and contaminated water.

SXM pumps are designed for draining cellars, garages, basements, construction sites, emptying of tanks and reservoirs, lawn and garden irrigation, and pumping domestic wastewater washing machines, showers and sinks.

  • Applicable for a range of purposes.
  • Corrosion resistance in very aggressive environments.


ТипПроизводственный потенциалHead max.OutletВесVoltLevel float
SXM 2135 l/min.6,5 m1¼ (32 mm)4 kg230 VYes
SXM 3175 l/min.11 m1¼ (32 mm)6 kg230 VYes
SXM 5225 l/min.11 m1¼ (32 mm)12 kg230 VYes
SXM 7325 l/min.14 m1¼ (32 mm)14,5 kg230 VYes
SXM 11375 l/min.14 m1¼ (32 mm)14,5 kg230 VYes

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