Willow vegetation filters

Willow vegetation filters are used for purification of wastewater.

Wastewater is pre-treated in precipitation tanks and then pumped to willow vegetation filters.

In willow vegetation filters, wastewater is absorbed/purified by willow trees and evaporated i.a. leaves of the trees. Willow vegetation filters should be placed freely to increase sun and wind effects.

Wastewater is not led away from the filters.

Tunetanken willow vegetation filters meet requirement of all purification classes: of SOP (increased requirement for reduction of organic material as well as nitrification and reduction of phosphorous), SO (increased requirement for reduction of organic material), OP (reduction of organic material and reduction of phosphorous) and O (reduction of organic material).


ТипDistribution pipePurification classPE membraneМатериал
5 PE KGV2 x 16 mSOP96 m²Composite
10 PE KGV4 x 16 mSOP192 m²Composite
15 PE KGV6 x 16 mSOP384 m²Composite
20 PE KGV8 x 16 mSOP768 m²Composite
25 PE KGV10 x 16 mSOP1536 m²Composite
30 PE KGV12 x 16 mSOP3072 m²Composite

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