Irrigation Systems

An Irrigation System from Tunetanken is build to collect waste water from silage sites and other concrete and asphalt covered areas.

The system consists of sand collector and collection tank made of fiber-reinforced composite. The collection tank is delivered complete with pumping system and irrigation canons*.

The pump in the facility is specially designed for water with impurities. The sand collector and collection tank are made of fiber-reinforced composite. A unique material, which also is used in the fabrication of heavy load products, such as wind turbines, ships, airplanes, bridges, etc.

*Every system is calculated individually.

  • Sand collector: 2875 ltr.
  • Collection tank from 25 to 99 m3.
  • Pumping system*.
  • Irrigation canons.
  • Field irrigation pipes dia. 90-8 Bar.

* The pumping system comes installed in the collection tank.

  • Saves you the cost of storage and delivery via the slurry tank.
  • The system is dimensioned according to your needs.
  • The collection tank is delivered pre-assembled with the pumping system.
  • Fast to install and ready to use.
  • The sand collector protects the pump, pump cord and irrigation system.
  • Fiber-reinforced composite which is corrosion resistant and chemically resistant.

Sand collector and collection tank:

  • Corrosion resistant and chemically resistant.
  • Standard colour: Grey-white (RAL 9002).

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