Changing rooms 8-10 workers – RU

Tunetanken changing rooms 8-10 workers are used at pig farms, chickens farms, etc. where there is a need for changing  and showering facilities.

The changing rooms are available in two different models, both designed with toilet and bath, lighting, electrical connection, two lockers per person and two entrances. It is also possible to connect the changing room with a canteen extension building.

The changing rooms are manufactured in a durable composite material, which is a material with benefits such as great strength, long life cycle and minimal maintenance.

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  • Manufactured in composite material.
  • Great strength and durability.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Smooth cleaning-friendly surfaces.
  • Resistance towards wind and weather.
  • Low weight material that can be moved.
  • Available with canteen extension building.


МодельКоличество рабочихОбщая площадь
Стандарт8-10 рабочих25 м²
Стандарт+8-10 рабочих25 м²
Стандарт с пристройкой столовой8-10 рабочих49 м²
Стандарт+ с пристройкой столовой8-10 рабочих49 м²

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